Anti Slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 – Annual Statement of Policy

Policy Owner

Dan Potter – Managing Director


MSG Risk Management Ltd welcomes the Modern Slavery Act and the requirements it places upon the business in the UK to tackle and permanently eradicate all forms of slavery and human trafficking. We have a zerotolerance approach to modern slavery and are fully committed to preventing all forms of slavery and human trafficking from infesting our supply chain.

To this end MSG Risk Management Ltd have agreed a 5-stage approach:

1. Policy
Endorsing this statement and 5 stage approach as MSG Risk Management Ltd Anti-Slavery Policy which has been agreed by the Senior Management Team and signed off at the very highest level within the business.

2. Communication and Awareness
The statement and policy shall be communicated to all colleagues within our organisation, with periodic refreshers being posted to confirm our approach to modern slavery. In accordance to the act itself, we shall post this policy and statement on our website.

3. Training and Understanding
As well as communicating this to our staff we shall provide all those in direct involvement with the relevant training required.

4. Internal Audit
We shall periodically review our approach to our anti-slavery policy to allow us to identify any nonconformances against the act.

5. Review
This statement will be annually reviewed and updated accordingly, where appropriate and signed off by the Group Director.

Name: Dan Potter – Managing Director
Dan Potter

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